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Evacuation / Invacuation and Dynamic Lockdown procedures

Now consider: The time is now, you are reading this article when your telephone rings, a staff member bursts into your office... 'Help, gunshots have been heard, people are screaming and running, smoke can be seen'...they look to you for leadership and ask: 'What do we do?'  So, what do you do? What is the situation? What are your priorities? ...
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The Christmas Blog

Christmas Presents
It's that time of year when the only person you want to 'sneak in' to your home is Santa. Christmas time is the busiest time of year for Burglars (there is around a 25% increase during the Christmas period). Some simple precautionary steps will ensure that you will have a jolly and festive Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Remember Burglars and...
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Keeping your staff safe

Rail Travel
Shield Associates are all about keeping your people and your property safe. With more and more businesses looking to trade internationally, we provide a safer travel guide. We hope this proves to be useful for you… Safer Travel Guidance – For managers and staff Last year the Foreign and Commonwealth Office provided assistance to more than 23,000 Br...
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Keeping Safe

Westminster Palace
Over the last few months we have all witnessed the tragic events that unfolded across the UK which saw many innocent people killed and seriously injured in terrorist attacks. As we watched the incidents and the many images captured through the various media outlets how many of you asked the question 'could that have been me' or ...
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