Evacuation / Invacuation / Dynamic Lockdown Consultancy and Training

Shield Associates are skilled and experienced in advising and supporting businesses in implementing effective evacuation, invacuation and dynamic lockdown procedures in the event of a critical incident, whether it directly effects your venue or is in the immediate vicinity.

These procedures can be implemented in response to a variety of incidents including explosion, structural damage, terrorist threats, civil unrest, hazardous materials, dangerous unauthorised person i.e. on school or office premises.

In summary does your organisation have an effective process in place;

  • Is there a documented policy and do staff know where to find it
  • Who owns it or is responsible for is implementation
  • Do staff understand it and their roles
  • Is it regularly reviewed and tested
  • Is it part of new staff induction training

Disciplines offered

We have specific experience in delivering emergency response exercises using expert consultants who have delivered training and consultancy to the National Policing College and the Cabinet Office.

We are able to offer the following packages to organisations;

  • Review existing policy and procedures in relation to emergency preparedness
  • Provide guidance on evacuation, invacuation and dynamic lockdown
  • Test processes and provide training to staff
  • Building and maintaining a security culture
  • Counter terrorism training and awareness