Personal Safety and Conflict Management Training

Shield Associates are specialists in delivering accredited personal safety training to private, voluntary or public sector organisations. We have a network of skilled, experienced and qualified instructors who offer a wide range of training excellence. We look to work with our clients to design bespoke training packages to suit their specific needs.

As an employer you have a legal obligation to keep your company and its staff safe from injury. Under the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007 and Health and Safety Act 1974 have you reviewed your policies and practices to ensure that your staff are kept safe.

In delivering our courses we provide students with a unique structured plan that is simple to follow, yet provides confidence and awareness in avoiding conflict and keeping safe.

In addition, we also teach release and escape techniques to further improve confidence and build upon our threat and risk awareness modules.

We can design and deliver bespoke training packages to support children, vulnerable people, carers and those with specific needs to recognise risk and keep safe. All of our instructors are DBS checked to an enhanced level.

We also provide high level physical intervention, positive handling and conflict management training using non-harmful methods of control.

Our courses are nationally accredited and we are members of the Institute of Conflict Management.

 Those who could benefit from our training include:

  • Corporate executives and staff travelling undertaking foreign travel to hostile or politically sensitive countries.
  • Static and mobile security staff.
  • Housing association staff.
  • Teachers, lecturers and support staff.
  • Students changing or leaving school
  • Lone workers (e.g. estate agents, parking wardens, meter readers, enforcement officers, debt recovery agents etc.).
  • Teachers and support staff, especially those in special needs environments.
  • Carers and Young Carers
  • Children and young people travelling within the UK or abroad.
  • Young people undertaking extended foreign travel.