Security and Identity Vetting

Shield Associates are able to conduct specialist identity validating of identity documents using the very latest advanced software technology.

Our Associates identity scanning solutions are already being used across over 35 NHS Trusts, over 30 Local Government bodies and many other Public and Private sector organisations.

In the current climate of legislative and regulatory requirements and greater exposure to fraud, it is critical that your organisation can validate identity documents presented by employees, tenants or customers quickly, efficiently and without the need to become a fraud expert.

The validation process can read identity documents in seconds. The advanced technology captures and evaluates both the visible and the non-visible security features which fraudsters find most difficult to cheat.

All identity documents that are captured and processed are validated and a full PDF report is produced. This information can be stored as proof of compliance and to support any external audit.

Our Associate’s solutions conform to Information Security ISO 27001.


Ability to carry out checks quickly and efficiently without extensive training.

Reliable checks that are easy to understand and minimise the possibility of false alerts i.e. a genuine document being identified as fraudulent.

Demonstrate compliance with Right to Work, Right to Rent, Anti Money Laundering (AML) or know your customer (KYC) legislation and support the ‘Statutory Excuse’.

Validate identity documents in the office or on the move.

Reduce time and drive efficiencies throughout their customer or employee on boarding process.

Reduce exposure to Fraud and protect brand reputation.


Examples of Areas of Industry Served


  • Government bodies
  • Security Companies
  • NHS Trusts
  • Local Authorities
  • Construction and Development
  • Self - Storage Facilities
  • Sport and Leisure Facilities and Stadia
  • Licensed venues
  • Casinos
  • Hotel Chains
  • Education