Counter Terrorism Consultancy and Training

Shield Associates are highly trained and experienced in delivering counter terrorism consultancy training and awareness. We understand the dynamics of keeping businesses and people safe.

Our counter terrorism package focuses on raising awareness of the possible threats and criminal activity, supporting a security culture and maintaining effective emergency response procedures to protect businesses, staff, customers and families. 

Our training seminars support ‘Project Griffin’ and ‘Project Argus’ in ensuring activity and awareness is co-ordinated and focused on helping deter, detect and prevent terrorist activity & crime.

We have delivered training and awareness seminars to a number of businesses and clients including: Harrods, The Wellcome Trust, Chinese government officials visiting the UK and the licensing industry, especially the night-time economy.

The aim of the training and awareness programme is to:

  • Raise awareness of the current terrorist threat to UK, businesses and communities
  • How to support ‘Prevent’ strategies and build a security culture
  • Identifying possible methods of attack and how to  help deter or prevent an attack
  • What is meant by Hostile reconnaissance and how to empower people to report suspicious activity or behaviour. 
  • How to respond to a ‘white powder’ or suspect package security incident
  • How to ‘Stay Safe’ if present at the scene of an attack or while travelling in the UK or abroad.
  • Practical advice if you or your staff are caught up in a Terrorist incident within the UK or abroad
  • Drone awareness threats
  • Cyber threats