Security Products - CCTV, Access Control and Asset Protection

Shield’s trusted Associates include a highly skilled Security company who have over 20 years experience in delivering excellent security products both within the UK and abroad. They have deployed high range products from small businesses to large corporates in most types of industry.

They have the ability to review your existing systems and offer practical advice, working with former law enforcement professionals to identify and expose any vulnerability to your security operations. Using their extensive knowledge of the latest technology and advances in the industry they can create a fully integrated security system that will deliver a good return on any security system investment.

The company has a variety of accreditations ranging from safe contractor to SSAIB approval to ISO: 9001.


Our Associate company has extensive experience in supplying, installing and maintaining CCTV systems, from single camera units, to multi camera systems which integrate with other electronic systems over multi-site set ups.

They have the ability to deploy covert CCTV within the guidelines of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000.


  • Use of digital CCTV with superb high definition quality, which is recognised as the most effective surveillance equipment.
  • Continuous recording with no requirement for user intervention.
  • Immediate location of incidents with remote viewing of images.
  • Special Hybrid systems allow upgrading of existing systems and cameras. These offer significant cost savings and unnecessary spend.
  • Installation of a full range of cameras from cameras with infrared illumination, to thermal imaging cameras for very high security detection systems.


The company can provide any solution whether it is a dedicated system or a system linked to your PBX phone system or mobile phone.

The right door entry system can provide you with security by being able to identify visitors through speaking to them (audio system) or viewing their image on a screen (video system).

They use the latest technological innovations, which include a range of VoIP, SIP and GSM systems.  These will work with IP telephones systems and apps on phones.  Design is both sleek and stylish and these systems are suitable for high-end residential and commercial settings as well as some of the harshest environments. Systems are available in either analogue or IP versions, allowing seamless integration with telecommunications systems.


The company can provide control systems, which can be used with doors, turnstiles, gates and barriers. These doors are opened usually through entering a code into a keypad, presenting a key fob or token, swiping a card or using biometric options of finger print or iris recognition.


  • Security to be centrally controlled, instantly preventing access when required, automatic timers can be set to close certain doors at specified times, provides an instant fire roster and produces reports showing staff movement and time keeping.
  • Smart card access control systems have ‘contactless’ smart cards, which provide a cost-effective way of providing high security control of your staff.  The card can be used for several tasks including providing time and attendance records, opening doors, accessing vending machines, allowing photocopying and printing and logging onto computers.
  • The control systems will work with smart cards and these can be used with their ID card printers, enabling you to control your staff and visitor ID badges in-house.


Asset tagging or asset protection of valuable items in places such as libraries, museums and larger businesses is recognised as highly effective in preventing theft.  Through tagging valuable items and monitoring/tracking their movement, organisations are provided with a comprehensive security solution.

Our Associate Company installs two types of Asset Protection:

  • Active RFID systems, which are used for artwork, sculptures and other valuable items.
  • Passive RFID systems which are used for library books and DVD/CDs

Product Information

Horus Arts has been designed for the protection of high value artwork through an active RFID system.  Any motion or removal will wirelessly alert that an unauthorised move is in process. 

The system has credit card sized micro transmitters that are discreetly attached to each valuable item.  These constantly detect motion and report back to the central processing unit. The most sensitive setting will detect a slight knock or vibration, while other controlled setting can be set to activate only when the device is moved from its current position.

The systems have the ability to alarm and correct temperature and humidity for environmental monitoring.

RFID Library Product systems

Our Associate Company works with the main manufacturers of RFID library systems in the UK. Using the latest radio frequency technology our systems offers fantastic upgrade opportunities.

How it works

RFID wireless adhesive tags are stuck into each book. When a book is checked out the security tag is deactivated, allowing it to be removed without an alarm.

Should a book be removed without deactivation, the alarm will sound alerting you to its attempted removal. The labels come in a variety of shape design and formats suitable for virtually all-modern and current library materials.